The Method to Creation Manifestation Workbook

Earth is moving into a higher dimension of existence! This means that you will no longer rely on what your five senses are telling you. Earth is moving beyond the physical senses and into the age of intuition!Hi, my name is Jaquan London. I am a manifestation coach, intuitive reader, and energy healer! As I am an old soul one of my duties as a lightworker is to anchor in the new energy that the earth is moving into! This new energy means that your intuition is stronger than ever. It also means that the law of attraction is working stronger than ever. Now is the perfect time to set an intention and allow your intuition to lead you towards it! In this manifestation book, you will discover how to set a strong intention and how to listen to your intuition as it leads you towards your highest desire! This book is an add-on to “The Method To Creation Full Course” If you haven’t taken the course, yet I strongly advise you to as this book is best used after the required understanding of the law of attraction.To check out the full course visit

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