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Lil Sebby

Revealing The QUANTUM LEAP STATE OF MIND to Multiply your SUCCESS

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Nu Africa Hoops

Looking for places to hoop in NYC? Is your normal hooping spot closed due to COVID? Here at Nu Africa Foundation we have done the work to find gyms that are open and follow the COVID guidelines, rent them out, and offer Private Indoor Runs so that you and your group of friends, team, coworkers, etc. can safely hoop and express your love for Basketball.

My Universe

Create an Artist Profile with your favorite song or video playing from it. Embed a SoundCloud player right into your Profile with Just a copy andpaste of a link. Click Here and Visit my Universe Today!

Ani Brand Solutions

Need a website and/or help marketing your brand online? Nu Africa Foundation works in collaboration with ANI Brand Solutions to help those who partner with use the best tools to brand and market themselves online. We are offering nu. Our Goal is to help Nu Artists and Businesses get on the internet with their best foot forward.
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